Ennea Records is a concept label that is more of a collective than simply a label. We are a group that is looking to bring together creatives of all ages at our multimedia makers space and work towards their dreams.

What is music besides another expression of community? Coming together and playing to the rhythm that beats within can bring about the purest form of music. Ennea is and always will be a representation of true expression as a collective rather than simply individuals. The sum is greater than the parts the comprise it.


There is a lack of musical understanding from a fundamental/scientific standpoint, and it is the duty of the creators to understand those fundamentals.

Here at Ennea we are creating songs but more than that we are creating products that will solve a currently large void in the global market. There does not seem to be many musicians creating music at either 432hz or 528hz calibrated tuning. We want to make this type of musical creation more popular in the industry and more prevalent on the top charts.

Alone we are powerful but together we are unstoppable.
“It’s not about accomplishing what we’ve dreamed, that’s easy. It’s what we’ve yet to dream that excites us most.”



Ennea comes from the greek word for nine. Nine has the ability to be what we humans term as ‘omnipresent’ using the digital root summing process, commonly used in coding, we find that the number nine can play an interesting mathematical role in equations.

Numerical Importance

When Multiplied to Any Number the Sum is 9

  • 9×4=36=3+6=9
  • 9×22=198=1+9+8=18=1+8=9
  • 9×452=4068=4+0+6+8=18=1+8=9

When Added to Any Number the Sum is the original digit

  • 9+5=14=1+4=5
  • 9+43=52=5+2=7 | 9+43(43=4+3=7)=9+7=16=1+6=7
  • 9+232=241=2+4+1=7 | 9+232(232=2+3+2=7)=9+7=1+6=7

What Does This Show?

In the example above I only used multiplication and addition, but divison and subtraction bare the same results! Any BEDMAS procedure will bring forth mathematical results exemplifying the presence of 9 in all numbers! In the examples above we’re shown that 9 has the ability to act as a number and to act as a zero (zero being the absence of number). It has the ability to play in the material physical world while also playing in the non-material world. Single digits are only visible in reality and zero is the absence of number whereas 9 acts both visible and non-visible. I know that at first this may seem difficult to grasp but that is what makes it so exciting. Once you do grasp the gravity of this number and understand it within your mind your world will truly begin to look different.

Fun Facts

Beethoven wrote nine symphonies. A cat is said to have nine lives. In French the word neuf means both nine and new. It takes nine months to birth a human being. Golf courses have nine holes. The expression to the nines means to the highest degree. In Hinduism nine is the number of Brahma, the Creator. Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in the Zodiac. Nine is seen to be number to symbolize protection. People feel like they are on Cloud nine when they are feeling happy. There are nine major planets in the solar system. Tutankhamen was only nine years old when he mounted the throne. And so many more but you get the point.

This is an image of the original depiction of the tree of life which was said to hold the nine worlds of the Norse Religion.

What We Offer


We offer podcasting services on site or mobile. This entails anything from tracking podcasts at our studio to editing any audio/dialogue that needs to be prepared for release.

If you are interested in intro music also feel free to reach out and get in touch with our producers in house. They have diverse background in many different music genres and production style to create whatever sound/theme you might be looking for!

Music & Spirituality

One of the largest “binding agents” for spiritual practices around the globe is music. Look at any, if not all religions, cultures, and spiritual practices from the mountains to the sea and you will find frequency, rhythm, instruments, some form of music incorporated within it. At Ennea we believe that being in touch with your spiritual nature is also being in touch with your musical-harmonic nature. You are a faucet through which divine beauty has the opportunity to flow through so don’t disregard or be oblvious to something so large, accept this very real aspect of your being, move with it, flow with it.

Music Therapy

Heath consciousness is becoming a pretty widespread topic choice these days, but few understand how to appropriately integrate healthy lifestyle choices into their current day-to-day regiment. We each have unique bodies and those bodies require tailored diets, relationships and exercises. What doesn’t change from body to body is the frequencies that interact harmoniously with them. At Ennea, we know just how you can do this through the music.

Music therapy is not only binaural beats and single tone chakra frequencies, it can actually be much more. We incorporate music therapy and cell regenerative frequencies into every single song we create. No matter how pop, electronic, soul, or folk they may sound, each song is guaranteed to be repairing damaged DNA as well as calming any feelings of depression, anxiety, or stress with every second of listening.

Knaux is currently spending time developing meditation songs as well as lo-fi beats tuned at 432 hz & 528 hz for study, chill and ambient listening in most modern environments. Take a stroll over to his portfolio to get a feel for the vibe!