I believe music guides you but also is away to pour emotions and deliver your message. I want to make more music so I can learn more about the industry and what it will take to improve my music and have more people understand the emotions you put in each song.
Music is a way of interacting with one or another, whether its with a featuring artist or with your audience. Music in a way intercepts and connects all of us.
I believe culture gives you the knowledge and understanding of what/who is around you but also makes you aware of who exactly you are in your own unique and socially involved way.
As for my first project.. Well my goal for this this year (2020) is to bring my name out in this industry whether on a local or international level I am hoping to expand my music followers and also my social media platforms as I develop my sound and identity in the ever changing music industry.


  • Available2020
  • EpProject 1
  • Ennea RecordsToronto, Canada