why we started

There seems to be a lack of fundamental musical understanding in the industry at large. We believe it is the duty of the creators of music to understand the fundamentals of frequency, energy, and vibration because each of these plays a massive role on the impact the music will have from an anatomical level. Here at Ennea we infuse every song with cell regenerative, anxiety relieving, and antidepressant tones to calm the minds and hearts of our listeners while at the same time offering timeless records.

Finding a Solution

If musicians learn to create their music in either 432hz or 528hz calibrated tuning then this will give rise to the engineers and producers needing to learn the correct work arounds for this (believe us, there are many work arounds). Producers and engineers also play a vital role in the integration of alternative tuning as the modern musically disinclined artist won't really be able to tell whether the track is at 528 or 432 so the engineer or producer can drive the ship in most cases. This type of difference isn't heard it is felt.

Why did we go with Ennea?

Ennea comes from the greek word nine. Nine has the ability to be what we humans term as ‘omnipresent.’ Using something called the digital root summing process, commonly used in coding, we find that the number nine can play an interesting mathematical role in equations. 

I will show two examples using addition and multiplication, however, this can be applied for all BEDMAS.
When multiplying with 9




When added to any number the sum is the original digit


9+43=52=5+2=7 | if you notice 43 is actually 4+3=7

9+232=241=2+4+1=7 | same here 2+3+2=7 

What does this show?

In the examples I only used two examples but as stated earlier all bedmas procedures bare the same results (look into vortex based mathematics if you are interested to learn more). These examples we showed today exemplify the presence of 9 in all numbers! In the examples we’re shown that 9 has the ability to act as a number and to act as a zero (zero being the absence of number). It has the ability to play in the material physical world while also playing in the non-material world. Music is like the number 9, we do not see it but we most certainly feel it.

Fun Facts

Beethoven wrote nine symphonies. A cat is said to have nine lives. In french the word neuf means nine AND new. It takes nine months to birth a human being. Golf courses have nine holes. The expression to the nines means to the highest degree. In Hinduism nine is the number of Brahma, the creator. Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in the zodiac (the founder of ennea is a Sagittarius). Nine is seen to be the number to symbolize protection. People feel like they are on cloud nine when they are feeling hapy. There are nine major planets in the solar system. Tutankhamen was only nine when he mounted the throne. And so many more but you get the point.