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Depending on the inquiry the necessary staff required for the specific project needs will vary. As such Administration handles every and all forms of contact.


Musical Projects

Musical Projects vary from case to case. Oftentimes the most required pieces are Producers/Beats and Recording Engineers. Those who know the process understand that real musically viable projects require producers, recording/mixing/mastering engineers, vocal coaches, executive producers, project/artist managers, marketing teams, branding agents and the list does go on. At Ennea we work on any project, whether it be a single or a full album alongside the artist making sure that the creative dreams they want propagating the planet are the ones they always wanted. Hitting the “nail on the head” with creative projects is a difficult task yet we at Ennea are able to get that very thing done time and time again. Reach out and get a quote today on your next project that we can help bring to life!

Artist Development

In the ever-growing world of independent artistry, managing your project campaigns is becoming and increasingly difficult task. Individuals are looking to invest in their dreams while note fully being able to manage those dreams (bad organization leads to stress, stress leads to self-criticism which ultimately leads to putting your dreams off).

Being in charge of yourself and making sure that you execute deadlines in a timely and financial manner is the largest task, faced by even million dollar corporations. At Ennea we have figured out a way to scale down mass-level project management for smaller teams of 1-7 people to follow and ultimately push their projects forward. There is no better way to learn the necessary skills required to execute certain jobs than by hands-on application. Why not invest in your Business AND your Education at the same time? Turning school into an everyday practice is a skillset beyond the likes of modern education systems and integrating your skillset while learning to fail forward is what we thrive in at Ennea. Join us and we will 10x your professionalism – period.