How To Find Your Sound?

The first thing that anyone interested in creating music is confronted with is what their sound is. Whether you sing, produce, play, or engineer the touch you have on music is as unique as your fingerprint and it is a relationship that grips you from the very start of creating. 

When I started making music I was confronted with the idea of invention vs. innovation. Not that I was inventing music, but that I was creating music that was going to be considered “mine.” In the beginning, when learning to make music/songs I was taking inspiration from those whose music I enjoyed most. I had come from a background of Dj’ing and it brought with it many forms of inspiration that I took from the likes of A-trak, Skrillex, James Bay, Black Coffee, Cafe del Mar, Mumford and Sons, and many others, but the challenge was to be my own DJ, someone who plays music and makes you feel a certain way unique from others. DJ’s have the ability to make your heart race to the beat of a drum or zen you right out and slip into a meditative state (honestly.. with great power comes great responsibility). I was certain that I was going to be my own type of DJ but I didn’t know how, it wasn’t until I got my hands on music creating software (Ableton) and began the journey of true authentic creation that I was able to get a hint of what my sound was going to be.

I believe in the philosophy that we stand on the shoulders of people greater than us and later on people will come to stand on our shoulders and so on and so on. The idea is more along the lines of innovation rather than invention and that music as a medium of expression is something that we don’t solely create rather we bring to life through us with the immediate help of our physical existence and those that inspire us. One thing that I was told by a friend was no two people will ever pick up a guitar and sound like anyone else. The way you slide into your notes, hammer on or off, play certain chords using certain hand positions, you name it, the way someone plays the guitar is always unique from one person to the other.

As we learn to craft, we learn to delve into a space of creation that becomes more common and more comfortable until creating feels as easy as walking. We no longer sound like our inspo’s but we become our own.

The idea of finding our sound begins with a homage to our role models and our inspirations, a moment of gratitude for the motivation that they were able to pump into each of us. The next step is the gradual movement towards creation in a space that feels uniquely our own through the skillset that we developed by those who inspired us.

The Devil Wears Dollars… 

It is believed by many great artists (Prince, Lenon, Marley, and others), of all forms and facets, didn’t want to own what they create and that the capitalization of such material is something that makes them uncomfortable. However, it is the world that we live in and one that we need to accept as we move forward in with our creative careers. 

The role money plays in our creative expression is one that I believe can hinder an individuals ability of truly finding ‘their sound.’ The simple fact of profiting from what is popular vs. what is in your heart cripples many from truly expressing authentically and purely. Once we learn to separate the results of our creation from the actuality of creating we then come to know what our ‘sound’ truly is. 

Our sound, for individuals in the music industry, is more closely related to ‘our soul’ and the ability to express our soul through our craft is the beautiful reality that we live in and one that anyone that creates will come to find solitude in. So whether it be your sound, your dance, your art, your building, your dish, etc etc, it is all simply an expression of your soul and the more related you are to the act of creating rather than the act of profiting the more your sound will be true to you and less everyone else. 

I’m contemplating if a better question of searching for your sound would be Searching for Your Soul? Food for thought.

A quick side note. The reason why I chose trees and the sky as the thumbnail image for this blog was that my inspiration comes from nature and that as I continue to create music all that I am trying to do is find my place in the symphony of the cosmos. I want to be connected with nature and bring that connection to reality and I would love to bridge that relationship through music and so The forest or the mountains, the rivers or beaches, the meadow or the spring, Nature is what inspires me to continue creating.

Wholeness, Love, & Light 

Shaanvir Singh Thiara 

Envida Meets Ennea

Step out of your mind and into your life

Juan Pablo Osorio Valencia

Can Envida take over Toronto?

In January of 2020, Juan and his team at Envida decided to embark on the journey of merging fitness with mindfulness. Envida is similar to a fitness bootcamp, however, these guys choose to incorporate meditation & yoga practices with calisthenic & plyometric workouts. Beyond the workout, the creator of Envida Juan Pablo wants to have a fully immersive experience where those who attend are not even required to think due to the fact that the experience is fully guided, right from the point you enter. By full immersion Juan implies that all of your five senses are captivated and “taken-by-the-hand” on this mind, body and soul journey. One of those senses happens to be sound and thats where Ennea was asked to be involved. Juan had reached out to us to curate the music for him knowing that we don’t just focus on music that sounds good, but music that feels good, and funny enough, there is indeed a difference.

Music has the ability to entrance you while in a deep meditative state. Certain frequencies can help to create the standing wave that lets you separate your mind from your body and go on a journey with your soul. Music also has the beautiful ability to give you sudden bursts of energy to push through those last few sets and push a PR you have yet to ever reach. In both instances music helps you do whatever it is that you are setting your mind to, with no strings attached, a beautiful gift given to us by the universe.

Choosing to team up with Ennea, Envida took their bootcamp to the next level of mind, body, and soul integration in a group setting. Envida looks to immerse you fully in its embrace; with smells of palo santo; the taste of kombucha after your workout; the sounds of the universe filling the air; the low light to guide your flow; and the feeling of loving company around you to push you through those tiring sets. Ennea seeks to unite strangers and bring communities together through the simple joy of music and thats where Envida and Ennea work so well together.

With all of these variables we think it is very reasonable to assume that Envida can take over Toronto. This is just the start of their journey and they already have so much promise. They provide a new and fresh look on health and that is exactly what we love to see!

What does it mean for the world?

Envida is a strong example of the shift in consciousness we are seeing take place all over to world. With the start of 2020 there has been one paradigm shift followed by the next. People are being forced into what we would deem spiritual enlightenment. There is an understanding in psychology that creative individuals are born out of traumatic situations, instead we want to change that and say that enlightenment is born out of those traumatic situations and individuals begin the journey of spirituality when the trauma hits deep enough.

It seems that these trauma’s are no longer individual but rather happening globally/mutually (forest fires, volcanos, viruses/diseases, economic crashes, deaths, and so much more. Each of these situations on an individual level is enough to shake someone into their wits, but it seems to be happening to all of us at once.). We’re finding that the companies/entities that seem to be popping up now are strong representations of the shift that is beginning to take place across the planet. Fitness was a trend that we saw dominate the last decade, now its a trend of mindfulness and an elevation in human consciousness that requires a cohesive body, mind and spirit vessel to propel you into that next stage of our joint human experience.

As leaders such as Joe Dispenza, Wim Hof, Jim Kwik, Tony Robbins, Sevan Bomar, and so many others are becoming more and more known in the western world they are bringing with them age old information. That information is on human enlightenment and how to be the most supreme version of yourself; That the God you want is the one that rests deep inside you. Envida is early in its early development on the global stage, but it is down the same vein when it comes to the enlightenment it hoes to provide each of us.

Make sure to come out to the next event! You can stay up to date on events happening by subscribing to their newsletter at this link.

Does Music Therapy Work?

There is a lot of talk on the internet about different frequencies that have therapeutic and even medical properties associated to them. As a Record Label and a Production House we believe that to have knowledge on such matters, whether true or false, is part of our job.

Some History

In 1937 the International Standards Organization passed a bill that made for the standardization of music tuning. What this meant was that there became a new common tuning that symphony orchestras, guitar players, organ manufactures, you name it, would commonly tune, to without question. This also meant that instrument equipment manufactures would tune their instruments or devices to this standardized tuning as well.

The Industry

This has interesting implications. Firstly, musicians and consumers alike that come after this era would not realize that their was a standardized tuning at all. I have gone to music school, and have now been in the industry as a professional for a few years and when I ask the simple questions “do you know what standardized tuning is?” I have yet to receive a yes. Only one individual, who was a tattoo artist knew what I was talking about.

The Second implication of this fact is that the tuning chosen is controversial to nature and I say that quite literally. There are certain frequencies that operate cohesively/constructively with nature and others that operate in destructive ways with nature. The example I like to use when explaining the nature of frequencies to someone in this case I like to use factors. For those who forget a factor is a number that breaks down evenly into the other number (ex. 2 is an even factor of 24 whereas 5 is not. 2×12=24 vs. 5×5=25 which is off by 1 number). The same way musical tuning can “break down” into certain elements of nature and be constructive or destructive. It is believed that the standard tuning chosen around 1937 which was 440hz, was off the mark of being a factor of the speed of light which is like the human being acting like 5 in our math example rather than the 2.

Scientific Proof

The first thing that comes to mind is always proof and that is where the beautiful cymatics experiments created by Ernest Chaldni help enlighten so many of us. In the video attached you can see how frequencies organize powder on a metal plate into certain shapes, each completely unique from the last.

This video helps to paint an image of what happens when frequency interacts with matter and the next video is to show you have your own voice can change the molecular structure of water.

So with the two elements joint the argument I am trying to reinforce is that frequencies directly impact the physical animate reality around us and that those especially in the music industry should be aware of or educated on. As I said earlier, it’s a matter of being off by only a fraction or two and that slight deviation can irritate human anatomy and ultimately add to the degradation of cell life within the human vessel. Works by Dr. Carly Nuday and Leonard Horowitz help to reinforce the fact that all of our cells communicate and sustain themselves through the integrity of the water surrounding it.

The music you listen to can light you up and make you dance up a storm. The music you listen to can also support your anatomy so why not kill two birds with one stone and listen to music that has the frequencies incorporated within them? Well that is exactly what we are hoping to achieve at Ennea Records.

Wholeness & Love.